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"Expertise in Web Services, Distributed Components, Telephony, Java, XML, Dynamic Behaviour and Data Mapping"


Deadman Consulting has been doing Java work since the year Java was released by Sun Microsystems. Principal Consultant Richard Deadman has served on a JCP Expert Group for JSR # 22 (Jain Slee API specification). He also served as Chief Architect for the now-defunct Sanga Corporation, which was one of the first (pre-J2EE) web application players and is a Certified Java Architect.
C# and ASP.NET
More recently, Deadman Consulting has taken on some C# and ASP.NET work. The extensive experience in Smalltalk and Java enabled the cutover to these newer Microsoft technologies very quickly.
Deadman Consulting has been working with EJB, servlets and Java Server Pages since the beginning. We have consulted with both The Object People and WebGain on their J2EE offerings.
Moving into the small device space, Deadman Consulting has worked with a wireless provider to bring services to cell phones and the Blackberry, leveraging the Java J2ME technology that is leading the market.
Web Services
We have been involved in distributed computing from early work in CORBA to the building or a web application server based on RMI to later work with WebGain on their J2EE tools. We understand the differences between the various distribution frameworks and how to leverage these frameworks to solve business problems.

The technology behind web services is not really new -- how that technology is deployed and used is new.
Deadman Consulting has spent years in the telephony business, building bridge applications between clients and telephony systems. Before RMI or JTAPI, we built a telephony interface for a Java applet and hooked it into a PBX back-end using CORBA for Mitel Corporation.
With our expertise in Distributed Systems, Web Services and Enterprise Systems (J2EE and ASP.NET) the step up to AJAX is only natural. Deadman Consulting has provided consulting work and demos of AJAX implementations for the Canadian Government. The key is in identifying user interaction patterns and alliviating bottlenecks while improving responsiveness.
Open Source
With Westhawk, we have spearheaded the development of an open-source telephony framework for Java.
OO Analysis and Design
Through work on various projects dating back to the mid 1990s, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of OOA&D methodologies, standards and tools, and how to use them effectively in a project so that the true benefit can be leveraged.

We introduced an Extreme Programming development model into Sanga Corporation, based on short frequent status meetings, weekly milestones and collaborative work. Currently, Deadman Consulting is doing some work for Rational Software Corporation, the leader in OOA&D tools.
We have done extensive Eclipse GUI work in building SWT widgets and integrating external applications into Eclipse.
Deadman Consulting was at the forefront of mixing XML data mapping with distributed application, having built a Java applet that collected business product information for the Canadian Department of Health and delivered, stored and displayed the information using XML.

Richard Deadman has given a talk at the 1999 XML World on the technology and politics or using XML as a distributed computing framework.
Data Mapping
In depth understanding and knowledge of Object to Relational Database mapping. Richard Deadman contributed a review of TOPLink for The Java Report in March 1998.

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