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11/07/2003 Entry: "GJTAPI Web Service Bridge Product released"

Deadman Consulting has released version 1.0 of their GJTAPI Web Services Bridge. This is a service-provider plug-in for the open-source JTAPI project GJTAPI. JTAPI is the standard Java API for controlling telephony systems.

The GJTAPI Web Services Bridge allows JTAPI applications to access and control telephony systems remotely, using web services, also known as SOAP, Jax-Rpc or .NET. This allows for the devlopment of client-side JTAPI applications that connect to telephony systems on a remote server. Applets can be notified of incoming calls, or can redirect these calls to other lines. Caller Identification information can be displayed on any computer for a phone on the same desktop.

The bridge is dual-licenced under both the GPL and a Commercial License, allowing maximum usage flexibility. More information on the Bridge, its architecture, customization services or licencing can be found here.

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