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03/31/2003 Entry: "Partnership Announced with Agile Web Services"

Press Release
March 31, 2003
Deadman Consulting is excited to announce a partnership with a new web service consulting company named "Agile Web Services". This partnership will strengthen the existing services and products currently offered by Deadman Consulting, and will enable clients requiring expertize in enteering the web service space the combined talents of experts in the field.

Agile Web Services is a web service consulting company specializing in integrating business processes and data between organizations using the emerging stadards of SOAP, XML and WSDL specifications. Agile Web Services is located in Ottawa, Canada, home to many government, telecom and high-tech headquarters and research facilities. It can be located at http://www.agilewebservices.com

Deadman Consulting is a consulting firm with 16 years of experience solving clients problems and cutting through issues. Deadman Consulting specializes in Java consulting, particularily in the web services, telephony and Eclipse IDE areas, and is located in Ottawa, Canada, with clients across north america.

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